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1、So sometimes kids laugh at me when I get out of breath after running just a short way or I have to stop half way up the stairs and rest before I can get up to the top.【句式翻译】因此,有时当我小跑了很短的一段路就喘不外气时,或者爬楼梯才爬到一半就得停下、爬不到顶就得休息时,孩子们就会笑话我。【句式分析】本句中when以前的句子为主句,when后的句子为时间状语从句。在从句中又含有一个并列句I get …和I have to…and rest…。【词语点拨】out of breath 上气不接下气,喘不外气 (=breathless)When Alice caught up with the other girls, she was out of breath. 当艾丽斯遇上其他女孩时,她已喘不外气。

【语法点拨】before作“然后才”讲时,常和can连用,引导时间状语从句。如:You must have a rest before you can gather all your energy to sit for the test.你必须休息然后才气积攒气力到场考试。

2、A Swedish Kennel Club official explains what this law means: if your dog runs out on the road and gets hit by a passing car, as the owner, you have to pay for any damage done to the car, even if your dog has been killed in the accident.【句式翻译】一个瑞典Kennel俱乐部的官员解释了这项执法的寄义:如果你的狗跑到公路上被汽车撞了,作为主人,纵然你的狗被撞死了,你也要为被撞坏的汽车做出赔偿。【句式分析】该句前半部门explain接what引导的宾语从句,冒号后面的部门对此举行详细解释,可视为means的宾语从句。其中,在主句you have to…前后各有一个由if引导的条件状语从句和由even if引导的让步状语从句。as the owner是插入语。


【词语点拨】1). pay for v.归还;付款You get what you pay for.一分钱一分货。Just to satisfy my curiosity, how much did you pay for your car?我只是出于好奇,请问你买这辆车花了几多钱?2). damage n.损害;损失;破坏 vt.损害;破坏The flood did a lot of damage to the crops. 洪水破坏了大量农作物。Be careful not to damage the priceless vase. 当心别把谁人珍贵的花瓶打碎了。

【语法点拨】让步状语从句是状语从句中的一种,一般翻译为“只管……”或“纵然……”,就是我们日常生活中用的“退一步说……”的感受。引导词主要有:though,although,while,as,even if,even though,whether...or...,no matter+疑问词,疑问词-ever,regardless of+名词/名词短语/名词从句等。although,though不行与but连用,但可与yet连用。

如:Although/Though he is very old, (yet) he is quite strong.他虽然年龄大了,身体还很结实。Hard as/ though he works, he makes little progress.只管他学习很努力,但险些没取得什么进步。

We’ll make a trip even if the weather is bad.纵然天气欠好,我们也要作一次旅行。No matter what (=Whatever) happened, he would not mind.无论发生了什么事情,他都不会介意的。3、I had already heard that George didn’t like being kept waiting, so even though I didn’t have the right clothes on, I grabbed my boots and raced after him.【句式翻译】我以前就听说过,乔治不喜欢等人,所以只管我还没穿上捕鲸该穿的衣服,就一把抓起靴子跟在他后面跑起来。

【句式分析】这句话的主干是so毗连的并列句,第一个分句中含有that引导的heard的宾语从句。而第二个分句是一个主从复合句,even though引导的句子为让步状语从句。【词语点拨】1) grab v.抓住;攫取 n.抓取物;抓He made a savage grab for the knife.他恶狠狠地去抓刀子。

2) race n.赛跑;竞争 n.人种;种族;血统 v.赛跑;竞赛Eight horses will race for the cup.将有八匹马参赛争夺奖杯。Every morning he spent two hours training for the race.他天天早晨花两个小时训练赛跑。

【语法点拨】句中like 后用了keep sb dong 的被动式做宾语,即为动名词的被动式。动名词的被动式表现动名词的逻辑主语是行动的蒙受者。动名词的被动式分为一般式( being done) 和完成式(having been done )两种。如:He is used to being asked questions in class.(被提问) 他对提问已经习惯了。

He came to our party without being asked.他没收到邀请就来到场宴会了。4、He wanted to know what I thought, which confused me because I thought that the author of the article knew far more than I did.【句式翻译】他想知道我想的是什么,这倒把我弄糊涂了,因为这篇文章的作者知道的比我多得多。


【句式分析】该复合句的主句是逗号以前的部门,其中含有一个what引导的宾语从句。逗号后是which引导的定语从句,而定语从句中又含有一个由because引导的原因状语从句,且该句because I thought…也是一个合复句,thought后面接that引导的宾语从句,其中far more than I did为knew的比力状语从句。

【词语点拨】confuse vt.使困惑;使杂乱;混淆They asked so many questions that they confused me.他们问了许许多多问题,把我弄糊涂了。【语法点拨】修饰比力级的副词有:1) 只用于修饰比力级的:much,still,even等。

2) 既可以修饰比力级又可以修饰原级的:a little,a bit,rather,a lot, a great deal, far, by far, rather, any,even等。by far通常放在比力级后面。如:The weather tomorrow will be much worse than it is today.明天的天气会比今天的更糟糕。5、However, in all cases, patients should receive the best possible treatment for as long as there is hope of recovery before such a decision is considered.【句式翻译】然而,在所有情况下,在思量做这样一个决议之前,病人都应该受到尽可能好的治疗,只要有康复的希望就要坚持下去。

【句式分析】这句话的主干是for毗连的并列句,第一分句是patients should receive…,第二分句是for后面接的句子,其含有一个as long as引导的条件状语从句,条件状语从句中又含有一个before引导的时间状语从句。【词语点拨】1). in all cases就一切情况而论In all cases the same fundamental principles apply.但在任何情况下基本原理是相同的2). recovery n.恢复;痊愈;回复;重获We are surprised by the rapidity of her recovery.她恢复得很快,我们有些惊讶。【语法点拨】as long as是“只要”的意思,相当于so long as,引导条件状语从句。

另外,as long as还用来引导比力状语从句,是“和……一样长”的意思,在否认句中可改为so long as,通常把计算的效果放在该词组之前。如:So/ As long as there is life, there is hope. 只要有生命,就有希望。

This line is four times as long as that one. 这条线是那条线的四倍长。He didn’t stay there for as long as I had expected.他在那里停留的时间并不像我之前预计的那么久。6、Originally, they didn’t have a sense of land ownership, although Aboriginal children were taught from an early age that they belonged to the land and must respect tribal boundaries.【句式翻译】最初他们并没有土地所有权这一观点,虽然土著人的孩子很小就被教育说他们属于大地而且要尊重部落界限。【句式分析】本句中逗号以前的句子为主句,逗号后是although引导的让步状语从句。

从句又是一个主从复合句。that引导宾语从句,有两个谓语。【词语点拨】1) originally adv.原本;起初;独创地He originally need not buy such big house.他原来不必买这样一所大屋子。

2) belong vi.应归入;属于(~ to)China belongs to the third world.中国属于第三世界。【语法点拨】although较为正式,引导让步状语从句多放在句首,而though放句中或句首都可。它们可以和yet或still连用,但不能和but或however连用。

如:Although my uncle is old, yet he looks very strong and healthy.我的叔叔虽然老了,但他看上去还是很结实。7、At the same time, the authors of the book World Hunger: Twelve Myths argue that there actually is more than enough food in the world and that the hunger crisis is not caused by production, but by problems in food distribution and politics.【句式翻译】与此同时,《世界饥荒:十二个神话》一书的作者们认为世界上的粮食事实上是足够的,粮食危机不是产量问题而是食物分配和政治问题。【句式分析】本句包罗两个并列的宾语从句,that there actually is more than enough food in the world与that the hunger crisis is not caused…是两个并列的宾语从句,作argue 的宾语。


【词语点拨】1) at the same time 同时Most pepole don’t find it difficult to eat and read the newspaper at the same time.对于多数人来说,吃工具的时候看报纸并不难。2) argue v.主张,认为;争论,争辩She has argued that wild animals should be left in the wild and not used for entertainment or advertisements.她一直主张让野生动物在大自然中生活,不应将它们用于娱乐和广告。Do you ever argue with your family about which TV programme to watch?你曾为看哪个电视节目和家人争论过吗?3) not…but 不是……而是Shakespeare was not a musician but a writer.莎士比亚不是音乐家而是作家。

8、Another World Bank report concluded that GM crops have little to offer to the challenges of worldwide poverty and hunger, because better ways out are available, among which “green farming” is supposed to be the first choice.【句式翻译】另一份世界银行的陈诉断定面临世界贫困和饥饿,转基因作物用处不大,因为有了更好的方法,其中绿色种植被认为是首选。【句式分析】本句包罗一个宾语从句和一个定语从句,that GM crops have little to offer…是宾语从句,作concluded的宾语;among which “green farming” is…是定语从句,修饰先行词better ways out。【词语点拨】1) conclude vt.推断出,断定;v.竣事,终止Aristotle concluded that heavy objects always fell faster than light ones.亚里士多德推断出重物总比轻物下落快。

The meeting concluded after three hours.集会于三小时后竣事。2) offer vt.(主动)提出,提供;n.提供,提议I have offered to paint the house in exchange for a week’s accommodation.我已主动提出用粉刷屋子换取一周的食宿。

Working in a team offers me a chance to learn how to get along with others.团队事情给我提供了一个学习如何与他人相处的时机。Have you got any job offers?你收到事情邀请了吗?3)available adj.可获得的,可使用的;有空的Just use this room for the time being, and we’ll offer you a larger one as soon as it becomes available.暂时用这个房间,大些的房间一空出来我们就会提供应你们。There are plenty of jobs available in the western part of the country.在这个国家的西部有大量可得的事情。This is the only day everyone is available, so we shouldn’t put off the meeting.今天是唯一所有人都在的一天,因此我们不应该推迟集会。

4) be supposed to be/ to do sth 应该,理应I have reached a point in my life where I am supposed to make decisions of my own.我到了人生中应该自己拿主意的时候了。9、 Howard’s idea was that a group of people should set up a company, borrowing money to establish a garden city in the depressed countryside, far enough from existing cities to make sure that the land was bought at亚博全站APP登录官网,亚博全站官网登录平台,亚博全站最新版app下载 the bottom price.【句式翻译】霍华德的想法是一群人应建设一个公司,乞贷在萧条的农村建设一个花园都会,这个都会要远离现有的都会以确保以最低的价钱购置土地。

【句式分析】本句包罗一个表语从句和一个宾语从句,that a group of people should set up…at the bottom price 是表语从句,在该句中that the land was bought at the bottom price作make sure 的宾语。【词语点拨】set up 开办,设立In 1995, the organization set up an office in Beijing.1995年这个组织在北京设立了服务处10、So far, there have been no scientific studies to prove this, but the patients themselves report that they feel better after joining an activity with humorous potential, even if it’s just watching a comedy show together with some friends or with other patients.【句式翻译】迄今为止,尚没有科学的研究来证明这一点,可是病人本人报道在到场了一项诙谐潜能的运动后感受较好,纵然是仅仅与朋侪或其他病人一起看一部喜剧演出。【句式分析】本句包罗一个宾语从句,that they feel better after…作report的宾语。

【词语点拨】potential n.潜能,可能性 adj.可能的,潜在的I think the boy has potential in painting, but he needs training.我认为这男孩有绘画潜质,但需要训练。The book is likely to be a potential best seller.这本书可能会成为一部脱销书。【语法点拨】本句中that they feel better after…作report 的宾语;连词that引导宾语从句没有词义,不作身分,通常可以省略,可是句中若有两个并列的that 从句作宾语,纵然省略了第一个that,也不行省略第二个that。11、Your current requirement that all archaeologically unearthed human remains should be reburied, whether after a standard period of two years or further special extension, is contrary to basic principles of archaeological and scientific research and of museum practice.【句式翻译】你现在要求所有从地下挖的考古的人类遗址都应重新埋葬,不管是在划定的两年或是特殊延期,这有背于考古学、科学研究及博物馆的基本原则。

【句式分析】本句包罗一个同位语从句, that alll archaeologically unearthed human remains should be reburied…作requirement 的同位语。【词语点拨】1)requirement n.需要(品),要求(物);须要的条件Not all foreign visitors satisfy legal entry requirements.并非所有外宾均切合入境划定。2) remains n. 遗址,遗迹,废墟;剩余物 remain vi.「作系动词」保持,仍然是Human remains of ancient settlements will be reburied.古代定居点的人类遗骸将被重新埋葬。She fed the remains of her lunch to the dog.她把中午吃剩的喂狗了。

3) (be) contrary to 与……相反,相对The results are contrary to my expectation.效果与我的预期恰好相反。Contrary to popular belief, many cats dislike milk.与普遍的看法相反,许多猫并不喜欢牛奶。 【语法点拨】本句中that alll archaeologically unearthed human remains should be reburied…作requirement 的同位语; 连词that 引导同位语从句没有词义,不作身分,不能省略。

12、Previous studies have linked high exposure (袒露)to environmental pollution to an increased risk of heart problem, but two analyses now show that poor air quality can lead to heart attack or stroke (中风)within as little as a few hours after exposure.【句式翻译】先前的研究总是把情况污染与增加心脏病的风险联系在一起, 可是两项分析讲明接触仅几个小时差的空气质量会导致心脏病或中风。【句式分析】本句包罗一个宾语从句,that poor air quality can lead to…作show 的宾语。

【词语点拨】1) link…to /with 把……毗连、联系起来A subway line will link the airport to the city centre.地铁将把机场和市中心毗连起来。Yellow is linked with confidence, self-respect and friendliness.黄色一般与自信、自尊和友好相联系。2) risk n.危险,风险 vt.冒……的危险,冒险干He saved my life at the risk of losing his own.他冒着生命危险救了我的命。If you live abroad for some time you will risk losing old friends in your homeland.如果你在外洋住一段时间,你可能会失去海内的老朋侪。

13、The fact that it might be possible to raise EQs means that schools need to make sure that their students are receiving the education they really need, and know that their futures are not entirely determined by their IQs.【句式翻译】情商是可以提高的这一事实意味着学校需要保证学生接受他们真正需要的教育,而且知道他们的未来不全是由智商决议的.【句式分析】本句包罗一个同位语从句和一个宾语从句,that it might be possible…作the fact 的同位语;that schools need to…作mean 的宾语,在该宾语从句中又含有两宾语从句,that their students are receiving…作make sure 的宾语,that their futures are not entirely…作know 的宾语。 【词语点拨】1) it is possible (for sb) to do sth 做…是可能的It is possible for him to accomplish the task.他有可能完成这项任务。2)mean vt.意味着;表现…的意思; 意思是;计划Spending too much now will mean a shortage of cash next year.现在花费太多就意味着明年现金短缺。

If you nod your head you usually mean yes.如果你颔首,通常表现你同意。I have been meaning to ask you if you want to come for a meal next week.我一直计划问你,下个星期你要不要来吃放。


3) make sure 确定,设法确保We make sure that we take good care of students on campus.我们确保在校园里照顾勤学生。4) determine vt.决议,确定It is your efforts, not your intelligence, that determine your success.决议你乐成的是努力而非智力。I am determined to make more efforts to improve my English.我刻意加倍努力提高英语水平。

14、It is a difficult fact to face, but environmental problems are causing what is called “global warming” or in other words, the rise in temperature of the earth’s atmosphere due to ecological changes.【句式翻译】这是一个难于面临的事实,可是情况问题正在造成所谓的“全球变暖”或者换句话说,由于生态的变化导致的地球气温的增加。【句式分析】本句包罗一个宾语从句, what is called “global warming”作cause的宾语。

15、Throughout the twentieth century, advertising agencies promoted consumerism (消费主义) as a way of life, spreading the belief that people could be happy only if they bought the “right”products.【句式翻译】在20世纪,广告署理商把消费主义推广为一种生活方式,流传只有买合适的产物人们才会快乐的看法。【句式分析】本句包罗一个同位语从句,that people could be happy only if they…作the belief 的同位语。【词语点拨】1) promote vt.促进,增进;提升,提升Good listening can always show respect, promote understanding and improve interpersonal relationship.认真倾听可以表现尊重,增进明白,建设良好的人际关系。

He has been promoted to general manager.他已经被提升为总司理。2) spread vt. 伸开,打开 vi&vt. 流传,(使)伸张,(使)流传She spread her arms and the child ran towards her.她张开双臂,孩子向她跑去。Advertising spread quickly throughout the eighteenth century.广告在18世纪迅速流传。3) belief n.相信,信任;信念,看法,信仰I haven’t much belief in his honesty.我不大相信他是老实的。

Different from popular belief, most good leaders are made, not born.与公共的看法相反,多数优秀向导是后天造就的而非天生的。He was not unhappy though he had to live alone.虽然他不得不要一小我私家住,却没有不开心。_亚博全站APP登录官网,亚博全站官网登录平台,亚博全站最新版app下载。


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